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February 25, 2019

Bo’s Effort visited the construction site of the new Anne Arundel Medical Center mental health hospital and proudly presented a check for $150,000.  This facility is scheduled to open in 2020 and will serve up to 900 patients a year.  It will provide a full spectrum of mental health services for both inpatient and outpatient care.

(L-R Representing Bo's Effort: Johnny DePaola, John DePaola, Thabata DePaola, Carlos Sera, Todd Sodeman, Todd Garvett, Bridget Burns and Jill DePaola. Representing AAMC: Jo Deaton, Donna Phillips, Danny Watkins, Barbara Jacobs and Jan Wood)

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October 23, 2018

Bo’s Effort was well represented at the Anne Arundel Mental Health Agency annual appreciation dinner in Annapolis, MD. Our board of directors (L-R Todd Sodeman, Todd Garvett, Bridget Burns and Carlos Sera) attended this event to help celebrate their accomplishments and honor those who lost their lives in the Annapolis Capital Gazette shooting. They are doing incredible work and should be recognized for being one of the leading mental health agencies in the country. Thank you for all you do!

October 5, 2018 

On October 5th the first Bo DePaola Award for Excellence was awarded at the 2018 NAMI Gala.  The deserving recpient of the award was Kate Callahan.

Kate Callahan is the Adult Aftercare Specialist for the Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency, Inc. and has been since 2008.  She has been instrumental in providing support and resources to Anne Arundel County residents.  Kate has always created an open door for individuals to reach out and is always able to come up with a creative solution.  Kate has fostered relationships with County and State Behavioral Health officials.    She is a member of the Commission on Disability Issues and has been an avid supporter and participant of disability awareness day.  She has been the behavioral health chair of Homeless Resource Day for the past four years.  Kate is the SOAR team lead in Anne Arundel County, she provides support and technical assistance to our case management providers to help fast track individuals to obtain SSI and SSDI.  Kate is a certified Mental Health First Aid trainer and she is also trained in Critical Incident Stress Management. 

Kate oversees special funding for individuals who otherwise may not have access to community-based placements.  She participates in the Consumer Quality Team for Anne Arundel County residential rehabilitation providers.  Kate is always a strong advocate for the individuals to ensure that their needs are appropriately being met.  Kate looks forward to a day when behavioral health disorders are understood to be organic and genetic and the stigma no longer exists.  So do we, Kate!  Congratulations!

October 5, 2018

Bo’s Effort gives the Anne Arundel County Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness $20,000 to support programming and education for people struggling with mental illness and families going through what the DePaolas went through.

(L-R Kathleen Geary, Deb and Todd Garvett, Katie DePaola, Jill and John DePaola and Deb Terhune)

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